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You can be many-things!

Remember that trip we all took with our parents for a local grocery errand and that inevitable stop made at the cash counter for a just little longer? The oldest form of impulsive marketing we were exposed to as children was the candy at the cash counter. Most of the times, our parents would ask us to pick a treat.

Some of us knew exactly which we liked and went straight for just that. While others didn’t pick any (because tooth issues are real.)

Then there was a third - in hindsight, the most common reaction- We first grabbed the one we loved most, then picked the one in the shiny new cover lying next to it and finally, the largest bar of chocolate we have been eyeing for a while now.I am sure our younger versions would all have been or tried our best to be the third kid.

A little boy trying to choose candy while the shopkeeper is lost in thought

Something has changed from then to now.

Today, there is a fancy term to describe what we did straight from the heart, bold and young- it is called being a ‘Multi-potentialite.’In other words, people who have multiple interests or as some say, ones who don’t know what they truly want in time.

But I think I remember very clearly why I wanted so many different candies and more. The answer is simple -Yes, partly greed (exempt my 7 year old self) and in part and more importantly, a free spirit driven by curiosity.

If today, I could package the same with a wrapper of hard work, I could embrace endless opportunities. All of us can.


Coincidentally I found the picture after writing this piece. An apt representation of how life changes you in the sneakiest of ways. It’s the cover of the Post. (Picture Credits to the owner)


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2 comentarios

Angad Singh
Angad Singh
26 ago 2021

A good read

Me gusta
Sage Penwood
Sage Penwood
26 ago 2021
Contestando a

Thank you! Appreciate your response. Stay tuned!

Me gusta
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