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Our Story

I welcome you to my writer's desk, adorned with coffee cup stains, vanilla-scented candles, and succulent plants requiring less attention than the whirlwind of my thoughts.  

Here as I’ve created Mined and Milled intentionally as a space in flux, away from the internet’s imposing need for perfection, I want to slowly savor and discover its finesse, evolving with every article written. A perfect prose is not my aim; I enjoy exploring a narrative's depth and refining each insight, acknowledging the bare scars that await shared exploration.

My aspiration is that Mined and Milled will serve not only as a vehicle for my experiences, but also as a source of inspiration and thoughtful contemplation for all who visit. Join me as I navigate the intersection where personal anecdotes merge with professional insights, fostering an intimate understanding of the human experience. Share your thoughts, stories, and experiences. Engage in the conversation in the comments below or connect via social media.


Join the quiet revolution where distant imaginations grow as intimately meaningful as the weathered patina on a personal journal.


Sage Penwood

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