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Ah, Greetings! I'm Sage Penwood, an alias for Sana Singh. On this personal blog, I talk about what I'm reading, what I observe, and the discussions I'm having. Reflecting on lessons, both the good and the not-so-good, I would love for you to join the conversation.
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Sage Penwood, aka Sana Singh, the creative force behind Mined & Milled, meticulously curates life’s experiences through her writing. Her defining trait? An insatiable curiosity and an innate need for investigation. This passion spans from unraveling jigsaw puzzles to immersing herself in crime investigations. Much like an artful song and dance, her curiosity thrives on her storytelling prowess. Undoubtedly, she vividly portrays her travels, painting them with technicolor details rich in emotions and insightful learnings, cherishing the joy of sharing these captivating narratives with close friends and family. In the professional arena, she navigates the dynamic intersection of design and marketing, blending creativity with strategic finesse. Embark with her on this insightful journey as she explores the realms of creativity, introspection, and authentic storytelling.

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